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Shipping & Delivery specializes in selling women clothes and also comes with a variety of shipping choices. Please refer to the information below to learn about the cost-saving and convenient options we have offered for you.Feel difficult to find your country?

A small tip for you Press “Ctrl+F” and input your country name in the newly appeared dialogue box (usually on top, bottom or center of your browser), immediately your country name would be highlighted. Have a try now!

1. Price List for DPEX    (All price unit is USD)  

Express Tracking:

DPEX: or


Destination Parcel Heavy shipment $/(KG)
First $/0.5KG Added $/0.5KG ≥10.1
Brunei 11.26 4.16 6.87
Cambodia 7.99 2.53 4.75
India  7.99 3.19 6.28
Indonesia  7.12 3.17 6.02
Malaysia  5.15 2.82 4.82
New Zealand  15.66 6.08 11.72
Philippines 5.99 2.65 4.7
Singapore 4.28 1.27 2.3
Sri Lanka 7.12 2.85 5.7
Thailand 5.94 2.38 4.43
Vietnam 6.99 2.88 5.11
Bahrain 12.77 4.8 7.6
Oman 13.86 5.54 9.18
Qatar 12.77 4.8 7.6
U.A.E 6.9 3.1 5.81
South Africa   14.72 5.72 10.05
United Kingdom  14.39 4.28 8.24
Australia 14.39 4.28 8.24



2. Price List for International China Post Air Mail (Registered Mail, All price unit is USD)

Tracking site:


Countries Caculated Rule Price(USD)
To all over the world,the price is the same The first 100g 2.5
If it is over 100g, per added 100g 1.35


3. Price List for DHL(Economic)    (All price unit is USD)  

Express Tracking:

Countries Price for the first 500 gram Price for added 500 gram
Macau 17.99 6.39
Korea South, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore,Bruniei,Taiwan 13.81 4
Japan 20.17 6.18
Australia,New Zealand 18.36 6.91
Indonesia,Cambodia(Kampuchea),Laos,Vietnam, 18.36 6.91
Samoa, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cookislandseasttimor, Fiji, Guam, Kiribati, Korea-North, Liechtenstein, Maldives, Marshallislands, Myanmar, Nauru Republic Of, Nepal, Niue, New Caledonia, Papua New Guinea, Saipan, Ssamoa, Slolmon Islands, Tahiti, Tonga, Tuvalu, Vanuatu 35.28 8.82
Sri Lanka,India 35.99 9.09
Pakistan 26.17 5.82
Canada 21.99 3.45
Mexico 23.89 4.8
Belgium,Netherlandsthe,Luxembourg,Italy,Germany,France,United Kingdom,San Marino 16.94 3.8
Austria,Denmark,Finland,Greece,Ireland,GUERNSEY,JERSEY,norway,portugal,spain,sweden,switzerland, 16.94 3.8
Bulgaria,Cyprus,Estonia,Latvia,Lithuania,Malta,slovakia,slovenia 16.94 3.8
CzechRepublic,Hungary,ploand,romania, 16.94 3.8
Andorra,canary islands the,FaroeIslands,Gibraltar,Greenland,Iceland, 26.72 5.82
Bahrain, Iran,  Qatar, Kuwait, Jordan, UAE 23.99 5.82
Turkey 25.57 5.64
Iraq,Israel,Lebanon,oman,saudi arabia,sudan,syria,yemen 25.57 5.64
Egypt 28.57 6.53
ERITREA,Ethiopia,Kenya,Libya,south africa,uganda 29.26 6.72
Algeria、Benin、Botswana、Burundi、Cameroon、Capeverde、Chad、 Comoros、Congo、Djibouti、Equatorial Guinea、Gabon、Gambia、Ghana、Guinea-Bissau、Lesotho、Togo、Madagascar、Malawi、 Mauritania、Mauritius、Mayotte、Morocco、Namibia、Mozambique、Nigeria、Reunion Island Of 、Rwanda、Sen 28.57 6.53
Congo, The Democratic Republic Of、Cote D'Ivoire、ANGOLA 50.62 13.93
Burkinafaso、Central African Republic、Guinea Republic、Liberia、Mali、Niger、Sierra Leone、 50.62 13.93
Dominica、Honduras、Panama、Paraguay、Venezuela 27.51 6
Chile、Costarica、Dominicanrepublic、Peru 、Trinidad & Tobago、 27.51 8.11
Argentina、Brazil、Cuba、Jamaica、Uruguay、 27.51 8.11
Anguilla、Antigua、Aruba、Bahamas、Barbados、Belize、Bermuda、 Bolivia、Bonaire、Caymanislands、Colombia、Curacao、Ecuador、El Salvador、Frenchguiana、Grenada、Guadeloupe、Guatemala、Haiti、Martinique、 Mongolia、Monteserrat、Nevis、Nicaragua、Puerto Rico、Sano Tome&Principe、St. Ba 27.51 8.11
United States Of America 21.99 3.45


4. Price List for EMS(international)   (All price unit is USD)  

Express Tracking:



Countries Price for the first 500 gram Price for added 500 gram
Macau、Taiwan、HongKong 7.94 1.83
Korea-North、Korea South、Japan 10.99 2.44
Philippines、Cambodia、Malaysia、Mongolia、Thailand、Singapore、Indonesia、Vietnam 11.6 2.75
Australia、Papua New Guinea、New Zealand 12.82 3.36
United States Of America 14.66 4.58
Ireland、Austria、Belgium、Denmark、Germany、France、Finland、 Canada、Luxemburg、Malta、Norway、Portugal、Sweden、Switzerland、Spain、Greece、 Italy、United Kingdom 17.1 5.58
Pakistan、Laos、Bangladesh、Nepal、Sri Lanka、Turkey、India 18.32 4.89
Argentina、United Arab Emirates、Panama、Brazil、Belarus、Poland、Russia、Cuba、Guyana、Columbia、Czech、 Peru、Mexico、Ukraine、Hungary、Israel、Jordan 20.46 6.11
Oman、Egypt、Ethiopia、Estonia、Bahrain、Bulgaria、Botswana、 Burkina Faso、Congo(cloth)、Congo(gold)、Kazakhstan、Djibouti、Gabon、Guinea、Garner、 Qatar、The Cayman Islands、The Ivory Coast、Kuwait、Croatia、Kenya、Latvia、Rwanda、Romania、Madagascar、Mali、 Morocco、Mozambique、Niger、Nigeria、Senegal、Cyprus、Tunisia、Saudi Arabia、Uganda、Syria、Iran、Chad 27.18 7.33


5. Price List for SF-express   (All price unit is USD)

Express Tracking:


Destination Parcel Heavy shipment $/(KG)
First $/0.5KG Added $/0.5KG ≥10.1
Hong Kong 4.4 0.5 1.3


User Comment(Total29User Comment Num)

  • ha***2 ( 2015-11-23 12:59:50 )

    How can i know if my order has already been shipped? Status says it has already been shipped yesterday 22-11-15 but i didnt receive any email about this and my tracking number. How i eill know my tracking number? Thanks

    Admin Replay:
    hello dear ,
    do you mean is your order2015111823800 ,just we checked for you ,your parcel has been shipped out last night ,and tracking number is 30183367524 ,you can click the site to track it ,now parcel under transporting ,just information donot update soon ,and we will follow up your parcel until u receive it .
    Best Regards

  • ha***2 ( 2015-11-13 21:45:36 )

    How many days will it arrive to Philippines? And what is ur suggested courier for Philippines customers?

    Admin Replay:
    Hi dear,
    welcome to our store ,to Philippines ,it better choose shipping methods as $5.99 ,adding per 500g is $2.65 ,it faster and cheaper shipping ,usually need 3-5days can arrive it ,about detail shipping ,you can click the site to refer ,and tax are customs random inspection,if checked to your package you are about to give the customs duties,but pls donot worry ,We will help you to declare low price avoid to tax ,anything need help ,pls contact us again .
    Best Regards

  • *** ( 2015-10-20 14:49:35 )

    Do you shipped to INDIA with JCEX...???

    Admin Replay:
    welcome to our store ,may i know JCEX is shipping company ?can you tell us full name ?we will help you check it ,now ,our website have four shipping methods ,1.DPEX 2.DHL 3.EMS 4.china post ,and some customer from your country choose aramex ,it is domestic shipping it can be in the generate tax risk,ane the shipping is first 500g is $8.76 and the per added 500g is $ 4.65 .if you want to choose this shipping .after you submit the order ,you can contact us ,we will calculate shipping for you ,anything questions ,pls contact us again ,we will solve problem for you in a short time .
    Best Regards

  • ku***8 ( 2015-07-29 02:49:34 )

    From germany DPEX how longo

    Admin Replay:
    welcome to our store ,DPEX is fast ,usually need 3-7days can arrive it ,about detail shipping information ,you can click the site to refer ,if you have any questions ,pls contact us again .
    Best Regards

  • Es***r ( 2015-04-15 19:27:23 )

    Hi dear, Is it straight delivery to house if use DPEX?
    I'm from Malysia

    Admin Replay:
    to Malysia, it’s better to select the shipping method as DEPX, the faster and cheaper one. The delivery time need 3-7days. The shipping fee of DPEX for the first 500g is $5.15 and the per added 500g is $2.82.
    Best Regards

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